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My Yoga Therapy Journey

I remember the day I received my first whisper to explore yoga therapy. At this point I didn’t even know or recognise the term, ‘Yoga Therapy’. I can only describe the feeling as an intense drive to learn & use the tools that yoga had to offer to help people heal, or at least, ease suffering on some level. 

I was contacted by an ex-military medic, largely paralysed, requesting some therapeutic yoga to help ease suffering in various areas of his life. I was beyond terrified, but some force was driving my determination to be the best I could be, to serve with pure postive regard.  

Over the months, we worked together, intuited together and the effects of each session left me both baffled & completely awed.  I learnt so much & I’ll be forever grateful & humbled by the opportunity I was given to learn just how powerful yoga therapy can be.


The potential effects became ingrained in my dharma (life's purpose) and therefore impossible to ignore.  

After a crazy amount of research, including  contacting the director of the official International Association  of Yoga Therapists  in America, I was given the recommendation that I needed to set me on the path. And therein lies the start of my 3 year journey to becoming a professional Yoga Therapist with The Minded Institute.  

After a gruelling 2 years of 17 face to face 4 day modules, filled with lectures; more homework than I’d ever thought humanly possible; client sessions that have pushed me emotionally & mentally & more writing & reading than I did in my entire school career; 4 sets of exams that have taught me to become friends with ‘terrified’ and my own yoga therapy sessions that allowed me to meet myself at my inner edge of vulnerability & come face to face with my shadow self, I am happy to say that I am now a qualified Yoga Theraist.

I invite you to bring your authentic self, with all your beautiful perceived imperfections, and together we’ll shine some light on this thing we call life’s experience.




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